The REACT Difference

At REACT we provide at-risk and underprivileged student athletes the training they need to be competitive at sports, the guidance to make the right decision in life, and the programs to be successful. All services are provided FREE of charge.

Below are the services and programs we provide. If you know of a student athlete who could benefit from one or all of these services please contact us.

We are always looking for good volunteers, trainers, coaches and mentors to help with our various programs. If you have a passion for youth, sports and your community please fill out our Volunteer Page.

For an up-to-date schedule please visit our Calendar of Events.


There are many issues facing our young people today, and we don't want them to have to face them alone. We provide counselors who will lend their support and give direction when pertaining to domestic, social, sports and life issues.

Life Skills & Social Programming

Our desire is to see the student athlete be productive not only on the field or court but in life as well. As part of the REACT program, every student athlete must participate in the various life skills and social pragramming classes we offer. The following is an example of some of these programs:

  • Personal Finance
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • When "No" Means "No"
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Racism
  • How to Write a Resume
  • and many more...

Mentoring & Coaching

Studies show that youth who have at least one consistent, caring adult in their lives are less likely to drop out of school or get into trouble with the law and are better prepared to build good relationships with their own families than those without. This statistic is higher when they are also involved in sports.

We have mentors that will work one-on-one in a group setting to bring a positive force and help encourage with sound advice.


Boxing is a great way to promote physical conditioning as well as mental toughness. We offer Boxing training, methodology, drills, hand work, sparring, tumbling and technique drill education.

Camps & Clinics

Throughout the year we will provide various sports camps and clinics to help prepare and improve athletes at their specific sport(s).

Please visit our calendar of events for more information.

Sports Training

Whether it's a field sport or one you play on the court, our team of qualified trainers will help develop the raw talent and abilities of each individual athlete. We do so by providing:

  • Sport Specific Training
  • In & Off - Season Training Programs
  • Strength & Conditioning Training
  • Speed & Agility Training
  • Stretching & Mobility Training